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Botanic Primary School the Eco School

Green Flag Success

We had an important visit from Eco Schools NI on Thursday 15th June to assess our Eco work and were jumping for joy to learn we had earned our 4th Green Flag!!! Well done everyone for making a massive effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. We are very proud of you! 

We came 1st in the 'Wheelie Big Challenge'

We came 1st in the 'Wheelie Big Challenge' 1
We came 1st in the 'Wheelie Big Challenge' 2
We came 1st in the 'Wheelie Big Challenge' 3

Check out the Eco Committee who were at Stormont on Wednesday 14th June for the 'Wheelie Big Challenge' finals. We were delighted to win 1st prize and will be putting our £500 towards a new bike shelter.


The documents below show how we have increased our recycling this year and worked to encourage active travel to and from school.

Nursery to P7 were planting some delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers in our balcony garden.

Walk to School Week

Well done to all those children who participated in 'Walk to School Week!'  Here are some photos of our 'double play' to celebrate.

We held a 'Go Green' Day in April to raise awareness of environmental issues.  Pupils dressed in green or created their own costumes from recycled materials and we all made an extra special effort to walk, cycle and scoot to school.


P2 held an assembly to tell us all about how we can make a difference in our world and we launched our charity fundraising event for 'The Ten Foundations.'  Through this work, we will be helping to promote sustainable development and supporting families and children in the Philippines to earn a living.


Well done everyone!

P2 'Go Green' Assembly

April 2017

'Go Green'/'Spring Drawing Competition - Winning Entries

We wheelie love to Pedal!

We wheelie love to Pedal! 1
We wheelie love to Pedal! 2
We wheelie love to Pedal! 3
We wheelie love to Pedal! 4
We wheelie love to Pedal! 5
We wheelie love to Pedal! 6
Well done to all pupils who participated in The Big Pedal 2017 by cycling or scooting to school.  A special mention must also go to the Nursery, Year 1 and Year 2 classes who had the highest number of children participating in the event.  We hope you enjoy your prizees.  Keep up the good work!

Active Travel Policy

Our Eco-Committee members have been busily working with Miss Gunn and Beverley from Sustrans over the last few weeks to devise a child-friendly 'Active Travel Policy' for our school and we are very proud of what they have created.  The policy will now be presented to the Board of Governors for approval at their next meeting.  Well done to all the children involved!

P1-P3 Bike Safety Checks

P1-P3 Bike Safety Checks 1
P1-P3 Bike Safety Checks 2
P1-P3 Bike Safety Checks 3
P1-P3 Bike Safety Checks 4

Healthy Heart, Happy Heart Day

Well done to all those children who walked, cycled or scooted to school in their high-visibility vests for 'Healthy Heart, Happy Heart Day.' The vests were provided by Sustrans' Active Travel Programme and funded by the Public Health Agency.

Captain Cleanup Puppet Show

Captain Cleanup Puppet Show 1
Captain Cleanup Puppet Show 2
Captain Cleanup Puppet Show 3

Check out the photos of our visit from Captain Cleanup who taught us how to keep Belfast Tidy. Remember 'Don't drop it, stop it!'

Santa Hat Stroll

Santa Hat Stroll 1
Santa Hat Stroll 2

We had great fun walking, cycling and scooting to school wearing our Santa hats in December.  Well done to all the boys and girls who made an extra special effort to get active that day.  Keep it up!


Click below to see us in the Sustrans newsletter.

Captain Cleanup and General Grime will be coming to visit P1-P4 on Tuesday 24th January for a litter-busting puppet show.  We can't wait!

Cash for Clobber

We will be gathering all your clobber again this January in order to raise money for the PTA so please keep any old or unwanted clothes, shoes (pairs only), handbags, hats, scarves, bed linen and curtains until the new year.  Cash for clobber bags will issue in the coming weeks and can be returned to our school reception between 3rd – 13th January.



New Partnership with Sustrans

New Partnership with Sustrans 1

We are delighted to have been chosen to take part in the Sustrans 'Active School Travel Programme', starting November 2016. Sustrans is a leading sustainable transport charity which encourages children to make more journeys to school by cycling, walking or scooting. Our Sustrans Active Travel officer, Beverley, will help us to get active by organising different activities and events throughout the year. She'll be offering cycling training to KS2 pupils and working with us to get better facilities for our bikes and scooters.

School Planting


We are hoping to begin whole school planting very soon now that the weather has gotten better.  We will be in touch with all the classes next week.

Battery Recycling

Well done to all those who took part in our battery recycling project.  We have already met our target of recycling 200 batteries.  These will now be safely recycled at the Bryson Recycling Centre.  Well done and remember you can continue to recycle your batteries at reception.


P7 Recycling Investigation


The P7s have also been looking at recycling in the school.  They took our recycling data from over the last year, collated it and made comparisons in a variety of areas. The results will be published here soon.  Well done Primary 7.

Wheelie Big Challenge


Primary 3 have been taking part in the Wheelie Big Challenge.  This has involved really fun things like going through our bins around the school to see what we can do to improve recycling.  We have placed some more recycling bins around the school and we will now monitor this to see if there will be an improvement.  Our competition entry will be submitted before May.

Picture 1
Picture 2

 Belfast Food Network


The P5s had a wonderful visit from the Belfast Food Network who came in to talk about different foods and how we can grow our own food.  The P5s completed fabulous art work which was then put on display at their event in the city centre.  Well done Primary 5.

Bird Watching


Our Primary 6 class have been birdwatching.  They successfully took part in the RSPB birdwatch under the watchful eye of Mrs Crossey along with Eleanor from the RSPB.  Results are all on display on the Eco Notice Board at the front desk.  Congratulations P6!

Our Link with Harberton


Our Eco-Committee have set up a fantastic link with another school- Harberton Special School.  They kindly invited us to take a trip over to their school to meet their committee and to have a sneak-peak of their new Nature Trail.  We were one of the first school's to visit so we were delighted with the opportunity.  Thanks to Mr Mulhern at Harberton for showing us round and of course a big thank you to their Eco-Committee, we had lots of fun.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

P2 Bird Feeders


Primary 2 had a fantastic morning when Eleanor from the RSPB visited the class to make some bird feeders.  These bird feeders are a fantastic way of attracting birds and they are completely nut free!  Well done Primary 2, great job!

Hedgie House Hotel


Primary 4 have worked along with the RSPB to create a hedgehod house which is also located in our garden.  Well done Primary 4.  We are keeping a good watch to see if we will have any visitors!  We have had lots of suggestions for names our Hedgehog's House.  A favourite has been "Hedgie House Hotel".  Can you think of a better one?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Bug Hotel


We have been very busy this term.  The Eco-committe along with Eleanor from the RSPB have worked very hard to construct a bug hotel.  This is located down in the garden area.  All classes are welcome to go down and have a mini beast hunt.  Well done Eco-members.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
We are looking forward to a very busy January as we work towards developing our major topic of School Grounds.  The RSPB will be visiting two classes in January - P4 and P7.  Some children will be making bird feeders, we have started to collect materials for our "Bug Hotel" which we are hoping to complete by the end of January and we have a new bird house in school.  The Eco-Committee will be making a very special trip to our new link school.  Watch this space!

Battery Recycling

Battery Recycling 1
As of Friday 9th of January, we will now be recycling batteries.  Encourage your parents to bring batteries to the front desk.  We are aiming to recycle 200 batteries before the end of the year.  Look out for P5s amazing photos around the school over the next few days.

Well done Eco-Monitors

All the children in Botanic Primary School play a huge part in looking after our school grounds and making sure that our school is eco-friendly.  Each class now has two eco-monitors who each day are responsible for making sure that the taps and  lights are switched off.  The children in classes P3- P7 are also in charge of monitoring rubbish outside.  At the end of break-time we grab our litter picks and have a good look round for any rubbish that might have been dropped.  Well done to all the Eco-Monitors so far!

Recycling Elf in Nursery

Our Nursery children have been busy before Christmas.  They  had a visit from a very special elf who taught them all about how and why we recycle.  Well done Nursery!

Tropical Ravine - Eco-Committee and Year 3

The Eco-Committe and Year 3 were very lucky to be invited to visit the Tropical Ravine in the Botanic Gardens before its closure.  We saw some amazing plants and had a very helpful tour guide called Colin.  Thank you Colin.  Hopefully the Eco-Committee will have taken with them some inspiration for our topic of School Grounds.

Dairy Council in Year 5

Botanic Primary children all play an important role in keeping our school Eco - Friendly. Year 5 had a visit from the Dairy Council who showed them how to balance food and fitness in order to be healthy.

Action Plan

After completing an Environmental Review the Eco-Committe then had to complete an Action Plan.  The children had to look through the review and identify areas that would need to be worked on this year.  This was then written up into an Action Plan.  Well done Eco-Committee.

Environmental Review


The Eco - Committee each year must complete an Environmental Review which was completed along with Miss Shiels and with lots of help from Maja.  This was the first task for our Eco-Committe.  This can be seen in the Eco-Notice Board in Reception.

Eco School Topic - School Grounds

The students have been working extremely hard this term towards achieving our 3rd Green Flag.  As you all know our topic this year is School Grounds so hopefully you have begun to notice a few changes around the school.  Keep watching for more developments.

Eco Committee 2014/2015

Eco Committee 2014/2015 1

Receiving our 2nd green Eco flag

Receiving our 2nd green Eco flag 1

2013-14 Eco Committee

2013-14 Eco Committee 1

Every year the new Eco committee complete an Environmental review of the school to show us the most important things we need to do something about.This year we are looking at the school grounds and how we can improve how they look, how they help us in our learning and how we can help the environment.

We will still continue with the areas that we have already started with Eco Schools. These are waste, litter, healthy eating and water.

If you have any ideas we would love to hear about them.

The Eco committee were busy weeding and preparing the planting boxes on the balcony for everyone to plant very soon.

The Eco committee were busy weeding and preparing the planting boxes on the balcony for everyone to plant very soon. 1

It's planting time at Botanic. We planted some vegetables and some flowers and our outdoors classroom on the balcony looks super!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7