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Curriculum Work

P2 have been learning to recognise how many tens and ones are needed to make two-digit numbers. Some of us have even begun to add 2 two-digits numbers together.   We investigated different ways to do this using cubes, Cuisenaire Rods and Numicon, and chose our favourite methods.

Observational Painting & Drawing

Mad about Maths!

P2 are scientists!

During our Winter topic, we carried out an experiment to investigate the properties of different materials.  We discovered that plastic was waterproof and would make the best umbrella!

Coding with Bee-Bots & the Bee-Bot App

We have been making wide and tucked shapes with our bodies, and challenging ourselves to work at different levels.  We also practised travelling forward, back and sideways on a bench, and balancing with a partner.  We even tried picking up a bean bag and walking with it on our heads!

Old & New Toys

We've been learning all about the differences between old and new toys during our topic work. Miss Shearer kindly brought in some of the toys she played with as a little girl for us to have a look at. We couldn't believe that they were almost 50 years old!  We each had a turn on the beautiful wooden rocking horse and worked out that we had to push and pull to make it move.

All about instructions...

We've been learning all about how to create and follow instructions.  We talked about bossy verbs and time words, and even made our own hot chocolate!
As part of our topic, P2 worked at home to create amazing new toys from old junk.  During 'Show and Tell,' they described the different materials they used and how they joined them together.  What a fantastic job!

Super Writers

Super Writers  1 1st December - We retold 'Kipper's Toy Box.'
Super Writers  2 12th December - We wrote super instructions.
Super Writers  3

Talk for Writing

Talk for Writing 1
Talk for Writing 2
We love the story of Kipper's Toy Box!  Here we are walking through our story map which we used to plan our writing.

We've been learning how to double numbers!

Hunting for 2d Shapes in our Playground

Fruit Tasting - TWAU & Literacy

After reading 'Oliver's Fruit Salad,' we tasted lots of different fruits and used our senses to talk about how they looked, tasted, smelled and felt.  We then created a bank of adjectives to help us write super sentences.

Building Silly Sentences

Building Silly Sentences 1
Building Silly Sentences 2

Number Time

We are learning to order and sequence numbers to 20 and beyond.