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Year 4

Fun with Park Life!!


Today we visited Botanic Park and investigated some of the trees in our local environment. We looked at which ones had leaves and learned the difference between moss and lichen. We collected beautiful Autumn leaves so that we could make squirrel collages and tested how well sycamore seeds flew as 'Helicopters'. What great fun!

Hive Hackers Project - For the past three days we have been working with partners from Holy Rosary learning lots of coding! We have learned about events, sequencing, debugging, loops and even made our own Flappy bird games from Scratch! Have a look at some of our work below.

Wow! Primary 4 were so lucky to be asked to be some of the first children to see the Dippy the Dinosaur skeleton being unveiled at the Ulster Museum, Belfast. We felt like superstars when we were surrounded by radio hosts and TV cameras asking us what we thought of Dippy!


Do you know where Dippy came from?


"As part of a road trip across the UK, Dippy is venturing out of London for the first time since 1905. He will visit the Ulster Museum from 28 September 2018 to 6 January 2019.  And he’s on a mission …to inspire five million natural history adventures, encouraging families to explore nature on their doorstep.   

Since his unveiling in the Natural History Museum in 1905, Dippy the Diplodocus became a star, and has featured in newspaper cartoons, news reports and even played starring roles in film and television. Dippy is cast from the type specimen found in America."


As part of the 'Dippy on Tour' programme the museum is hosting lots of free and fun family events. You can find out more about these events and book tickets by clicking this link!

Our visit to Dippy the Dinosaur at the Ulster Museum

Check out our cool Halloween costumes! We hope everyone in P4 had a great mid term break!


We have been very lucky in Primary 4 this year to be able to take part in the Shared Education Project with Holy Rosary Primary School, which means we had the opportunity to visit Carrickfergus Castle! We had a great time with our new friends, exploring, learning about castles and collecting lots of interesting vocabulary for our poems.



We had excellent guides who told us all about the features of the castle; such as the portcullis, the keep and the grisly ‘murder hole!’.




We had fantastic fun dressing up in the education room. The chainmail was so heavy! We learned how a princess would cover her mouth and walk behind the prince at all times. We also learned that at times when the King of Prince was away fighting, his wife was in charge of running the castle!




We even had some time to relax and play with our new friends afterwards!





We visited the banquet hall and learned about the food and festivities at a castle banquet.





Did you know that salt was served in huge golden boats like this one?




What a great day out! Make sure to check out some other pictures from our trip in the slideshow below!






Remember Key Stage 2 Sports Day at 10:45 tomorrow! Here is a picture of us at Sports Day Practice!

Remember Key Stage 2 Sports Day at 10:45 tomorrow! Here is a picture of us at Sports Day Practice! 1

Our Final Parklife Visit - Sensory Adventure, Bird and Butterfly Spotting!

Primary 4 are Oral Health Champions!

Three cheers for Primary 4 and their amazing oral health! Today we won the class cup for the class with the cleanest teeth. Everyone who participated in our oral health programme throughout the year received a certificate and there was an extra special gold medal for anyone who managed to get a score of zero at their last check-up. This meant that the dentist has found zero areas in their mouth that the brush had missed and their teeth were perfectly clean! Well done Primary four!

Maths in the real world

We had great fun venturing outside and using our maths skills in the real world! We used our knowledge of tally charts to create a tally of the different car colours in the Queen's P.E.C. car park. Back at school we were able to transform these results into bar charts. Which colour car do you think was most popular?

Primary Four Athletics


After our success in our dance module we have moved onto studying athletics and are beginning to prepare for Sports Day on the 8th June. We are very excited! In order to ensure we have the best chance of success on Sport's day we have been studying how different techniques can improve our running times and have been striving to beat our own personal best. We have really enjoyed timing each other on the ipads and working out our best time. The table below shows the times for our sprinting up and down the hall four times. Can you spot who has the fastest time in our class? Look below the table for some sprinting techniques and you might be able to beat our sprinting times!



Name Attempt 1 (seconds) Attempt 2 Attempt 3
Aaron 14.64s 13.70s 13.79s
Osama 14.33s 13.69s 14.58s
Florin 16.15s - -
Arwa 17.22s 16.78s 17.59s
Amelia 14.69s 14.43s 12.2s
Manuel 15.98s 15.07s 14.96s
Alina 14.70s 19.21s -
Hawa 22.88s 14.99s 13.97s
Dylan 15.73s 13.72s 14.29s
Lucas 14.89s 15.16s 14.66s
Daniel 16.82s 15.44s -
Jake 16.01s 15.08s 14.83s
Aryan 15.61s 15.50s 15.41s
Chris 15.33s 15.47s 14.54s
Jan 13.43s 12.99s -
Kingston 17.15s 13.40s 18.92s
Kane 14.44s 13.00s -
Sochi 14.8s 13.52s 13.83s
Eve 15.64s 15.89s -
Isaac 13.92s 13.01s 27.81s
Adam 15.03s 14.65s 14.13s
Lily 18.46s 16.30s 16.98s
Aleesha 14.36s 16.43s 15.38s
Elizabeth 13.55s 13.11s -
Lena - - -



How do we improve our sprinting times?


In Primary 4 we have been learning how to use the shape of our body to help us run faster. We began by learning the 'sprint start'. We place one foot behind the other, touch the start line with our fingers and look ahead at where we are going. We have also been learning how to speed up by improving our sprinting technique. Top Tips are;


  1. Looking ahead at where we're going, not at our feet
  2. Pumping our arms
  3. High knees
  4. Large strides
  5. Powerful steps
  6. Running on our toes
  7. Keeping our chest up
  8. Keeping our head up and steady.


Let's keep practicing to see if we can get any faster before sports day!



Primary 4 visit Parklife at Botanic Gardens!




Lucky us! Not only do we have the Danceathon today, we also got to take part in another great session with Parklife at Botanic Gardens! We got to feel a taxidermied badger and fox to find out which was softer. The badger had very sharp claws! We went on a twig search looking for thin, thick, smooth, knobbly, curved, straight and leafy twigs. We used these to make little mini-beast homes which we hung in the park when we were leaving. We even got to meet the Lord Mayor of Belfast and she was very impressed with all we knew about the park and wildlife! We looked at old pictures of important wildlife areas and used our senses to write about our favourite sights, sounds, smells and textures in the park. Today it was very wet and windy but we didn't let that spoil our fun. Check out some pictures from today below!

Pancake Tuesday in Primary 4!


Today we learned how to make pancakes! Follow our recipe to make your own at home.



You Will Need

  • 225g plain flour
  • 200ml milk
  • 100g sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • some cooking oil
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 2 large eggs



  • Mixing Bowl
  • Frying Pan
  • Whisk
  • Jug
  • Measuring Scales


First crack two eggs into the mixing bowl. Be careful not to drop any little bits of shell in with it!



Measure out 100g of sugar and whisk it together with the eggs. Measure 200ml of milk and whisk this into the egg and sugar mixture.



Measure out 225g of plain flour into a separate bowl. To this add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of baking powder. Little by little, add some of the dry mixture to the wet mixture, whisking all the time.



After that add some oil to the frying pan and let it heat up. Be very careful not to get too close to the hot oil, it's very dangerous! Once the oil is hot, use a spoon to pour four little circles of batter into the pan.



Watch the pancakes carefully. After a while you will notice lots of little bubbles appearing on the surface. This means the pancake is ready to flip! Flip the pancake and let it cook for a few minutes on the other side before lifting it onto a plate with a spatula.



Finally decorate the pancakes whatever way you like! We tried butter, sugar, honey and lemon juice. You could also try chocolate spread and other types of fruit. Enjoy!


Gymnastics in Primary 4



In our last term we have been learning gymnastic skills during P.E. We put together our own gymnastics routines and performed our routines to the class. We learned how to judge each other’s routines fairly and how to give and receive constructive criticism. Miss Crean was especially impressed with the children who thought about their whole body during the routine – not just their feet. For example, Arwa always made sure her toes were pointed, back was straight and arms were making beautiful flowing movements that complimented her routine. During our routines we focussed on travelling along wide and narrow benches, jumping in a wide shape, performing a safe landing, travelling by rolling and wowing the audience with a headstand, handstand or cartwheel. The children were asked to take their time, think about their poise and remain focused on their routine between moves. We have some great gymnasts in our class!



We continued our gymnastics at the beginning of this term using the large equipment. We learned a lot about how to keep safe using climbing equipment by staying below a certain height and making sure we had a spotter to watch out for us. We thought about different ways to climb and travel using benches and bars. We tested our upper body strength by learning how to climb a rope – it’s harder than it looks! On the floor we thought about how different animals travelled – bears, monkeys, crabs. We certainly got to know our bodies and our capabilities a lot better this term!


Check out some pictures from our Gymnastics sessions below!

Welcome to Primary 4!

Happy Half Term!


We hope you had a great time at the Half Term Disco this afternoon. We loved seeing all your costumes! You can check out some pictures of the costumes below. Have a great time off this Half term. Remember to stay safe and keep learning!


Mrs Thornhill, Mrs Harte and Miss Crean

Primary 4 Tree Investigation in Botanic Gardens.


We were lucky enough to enjoy a special session with Maureen from Ulster Wildlife. We learned how to measure the girth of a tree and use this to work out how old the tree was. We were very excited when we spotted a squirrel gathering nuts, a ladybird and a frog climbing one of the trees! We investigated different textures and living things we can find on tress such as the bark, tree sap, mushrooms, moss, lichen and leaves! We know how to tell if a sycamore tree is healthy by looking at the tar spots on the leaves and we had a great time flying 'helicopters' in a competition. What a fun afternoon, check out some photos below!

  Harvest Assembly


 P4 worked hard to present our harvest assembly. We learnt a song, some of us wrote our own poems to read to the school, some of explained the customs we have at harvest. We enjoyed  painting the fruit that we have collected. Some children in the school brought in non perishable food that was sent to a food bank. 


All of our photos are included in a power point to accompany the song Cauliflowers fluffy 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our Harvest Portraits

Our Harvest Portraits 1
Our Harvest Portraits 2
Our Harvest Portraits 3
Our Harvest Portraits 4
Our Harvest Portraits 5
Our Harvest Portraits 6
Our Harvest Portraits 7
Our Harvest Portraits 8
Our Harvest Portraits 9
Our Harvest Portraits 10
Our Harvest Portraits 11
Our Harvest Portraits 12
Our Harvest Portraits 13
Our Harvest Portraits 14
Our Harvest Portraits 15
Our Harvest Portraits 16
Our Harvest Portraits 17
Our Harvest Portraits 18
Our Harvest Portraits 19
Our Harvest Portraits 20
Our Harvest Portraits 21
Our Harvest Portraits 22
Our Harvest Portraits 23