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Happy Father's Day!

Check out some of the amazing Space Art we have been doing in P6

To Infinity ... and beyond!


Welcome! We hope you are enjoying Term 3. By now our Space project is in full swing! Space is a huge topic and there’s lots you can learn yourself outside of school. Here are some useful websites;












There are also some really interesting videos on Youtube and BBC iPlayer. Remember not to believe everything you read or see on the internet. Make sure to back up your information with another reliable source!


If you’re looking for some extra inspiration your parents may let you watch the new Netflix series ‘Lost in Space’ about a family whose spaceship crashes onto an unknown planet. Please be advised that this series is rated ‘12’ so you need your parents permission to watch it. Your parents can read over the parental guidance information here (click). Although there isn't any bad language, some parts of this programme might be a little scary for P6.


We still need lots of scrap fabrics to make our alien plushies so if you have any please do not hesitate to bring them in.


Keep checking back to the website for more updates on our space topic and we look forward to seeing you all on the 26th June for our Planet Polling Day!


Miss Crean

Space Homework Help


Some of our space homework so far are out of this world! Do you need a little more help to make yours dazzling?

Below are some links to help with the next weeks' tasks.


Task 5: Space Clothing


Task 6: Recruit an Astronaut


Task 7: Astronaut Training


Task 8+9: Food in Space

World Book Day and STEM

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, P6 read 'Brain Freeze' by Tom Fletcher and then decided to make our own ice-cream in class!

First we gathered together our ingredients and discussed the best method for making ice-cream in a bag! Next we weighed and measured the ingredients before mixing them all in a bag. Then we had to put this bag into a larger plastic bag with ice and salt, before finally shaking and shaking and shaking the ice and milk for nearly 15mins! We were tired by the time we finished, but our delicious ice-cream was worth it!

P6 then wrote up their experiment. It was a great day! :)

'We Are Vertigo' Trip

Today (26.1.18) some of the children in P6 went to 'We are Vertigo' on the Botanic Attendance trip! We had great fun! :)

Dairy Council

Today (25.1.18) visitors from the Dairy Council came to tale to the children in P6 and P5 about food and fitness. We learned about the different food groups and how important they are to maintaining a healthy body. The children learned a rap and great fun singing and dancing! :)

NSPCC Assembly

Today (5.1.18) visitors from the NSPCC came and held an assembly for P4-7. They talked to the children about their rights and asked the children to think about the trusted adults in their lives they could talk to about their worries. The visitors' message today was:

"Abuse is not okay. Speak out, stay safe!"


The children were given information about Childline and how they can contact Childline (phone:0800 1111 or online: Next week our visitors will be back in school to complete some workshops with P6.

NSPCC Assembly

NSPCC Assembly 1
NSPCC Assembly 2


At the moment, P6 are learning about time. We are working on reading and telling the time using analogue and digital clocks; converting 12 and 24 hour time; calculating elapsed time and working with timetables.


Ways to Help at Home:

- Use an analogue clock to ask your child to show you a set time (for example 25 mins past 3)

- Ask your child to calculate time durations (for example using an online bus/train timetable)

- Play some of the online time games at: or follow the links below:




Welcome Back


Welcome back to school! Just a quick reminder about important dates/activities: On Mondays we have PE, Swimming on Tuesdays and the children's Spelling and Mental Maths tests are on Fridays.


Mrs Varma and I would like to wish the Primary 6 children and their families a very happy new year! We would also like to say thank you very much for all the cards and gifts you gave us for Christmas. You were very kind.


Miss Smyth and Mrs Varma


Our literacy focus this half term is on report writing and instructions. This week we have been learning lots about how to write a set of instructions. We started by working with a partner to read a set of instructions and then we highlighted all of the things we thought are important when writing clear instructions.

We then came together to compare what everyone thought before creating a set of Success Criteria for instructional writing. 

Later in the week, we worked together with Miss Smyth to create a whole class set of instructions. We used the adverbs we found during our reading last week and the connectives we gathered last term to write instructions for being a good friend! Since this week is Anti-Bullying Week, we thought this would be a good reminder! 

Come and see our photos!

Writing a set of Instructions

P6 Whole Class Set of Instructions

P6 Assembly

The P6 Assembly is coming up soon and we have decided to show how much we are learning in literacy. We will present our whole class instructions in the form of a cookery show! Do you have any aprons, chef's hats or cooking utensils we could borrow? Please remember to put your name on any items you loan us so we can get them back to you! Thanks!

We are also learning the song "Thank you for being a friend". Help your child to learn the lyrics at home:

E-Safety Talk

On Tuesday afternoon Declan and Connor from 'Beam Creative Network' visited our class to talk to us about how to stay safe online. They told us that everything we write online is there FOREVER! Even if we delete it! They also highlighted the dangers of putting photographs online. Declan and Connor told us that lots of information can be gotten from photographs and reminded us to be very careful. They told us that if someone we don't know 'friends' us online, we should delete the request, block the person and tell an adult. Finally, they told us that if someone we don't know in real life sends us a message we should take a SCREENGRAB, BLOCK and TELL. It was a very interesting afternoon!

Mid Term Break

I hope you all have a wonderful mid term break! Looking forward to seeing you back at school on Monday, 6th November! - Miss Smyth


Today we had a spooky Halloween Party in our class and joined the rest of Key Stage 2 for a fantastic Halloween disco. It was great fun! There was dancing, singing and lots of sweeties too! Come and have a look at our costumes! :)

Problem Solving

In Numeracy, we've been working on developing our problem solving skills. Some of the tasks we completed on our own, while, in others, we worked with a partner. It was lots of fun! :)

Problem Solving


We have been learning about Michael Morpurgo. Together we worked with a partner to read a short biography, before writing a list of the things we think make him a significant author. Afterwards, we examined some of his books by looking at the cover illustrations and talking about the colours used and why. We also read the blurbs at the back of the books to see if we could determine what the main themes in Michael Morpurgo's books are. We thought that war, love, friendship, relationships and pain came up a lot.

Our class novel is also a Michael Morpurgo book; Kensuke's Kingdom.....we can't wait to find out what happens!

Michael Morpurgo 'Think, Pair, Share'


This half term we are developing our game skills. We have been playing lots of warm up games and have developed our tennis and hockey skills. It's lots of fun! :)

PE - Games

PE - Games 1
PE - Games 2
PE - Games 3
PE - Games 4