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Curriculum Work

WWF Adoption

As part of our eTwinning project, we are learning about endangered animals and voted to adopt a Lion through the WWF.  Our partner schools in countries such as Turkey, Poland, Spain, Bosnia and Italy are also adopting a range of animals and we will each carry out activities including creating fact files and building 3d models, before sharing our learning.

Once Upon a Time in the World - Our eTwinning Project

As part of our "Once Upon a Time in the World" eTwinning project, we have been learning all about the causes and impact of climate change in our country and around the world. We made a video to share with our partner schools in Turkey, Poland, Italy, Spain and Bosnia. We were also very grateful to receive lots of useful information and research from our partner schools. Watch this space for more updates on our work.

Climate Change BPS

Once Upon a Time in the World - etwinning project

Our slogan for our eTwinning Project

3D Shape Building

Rhyme Time Hunt

Fairground Maths

As part of a project with our partner school in Nepal, we made a fairground from junk materials and then practised our Maths skills by predicting the width and height of each ride and then measuring with cubes.

Practising our letter formation and fine motor skills

We've been learning to measure length and count in 2s.  

Friday afternoons with our amazing P6 Reading Partners

During our topic work this week, we learned all about dental hygiene. First, we looked at the insides of our mouths using mirrors. We then ate some healthy apple and checked again - not much difference.  After, we tried some tasty but sugary Oreo cookies. Our mouths were black! After carefully brushing for two minutes, we were able to remove all the leftover cookie that had become stuck between our teeth. Remember to keep brusing your teeth every morning and evening for at least 2 minutes!