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Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds

Listen to the 42 letter sounds of Jolly Phonics, spoken in British English. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice, before an example word is given. Perfect for parents and children who aren't sure how to pronounce the letter sounds.

Subitize Rock (soo-bi-tize) | Math Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Subitize to 10. Subitize is the ability to tell the number of objects in a set, quickly, without counting. Subitizing develops math fluency, when students recognize sets without having to count each object and it helps develop number sense and the ability to perform mental math.

Count to 20 and Workout | Fun Counting Song for Kids | Count by 1's to 20 | Jack Hartmann

LYRICS: Count to 20 and Workout Let's Dance, Sing and Count I love to count, I love to count Count to 20 and workout Build up my brain and my body, too Count to 20 have fun and move Twist your body side to side 1 2 3 4 5

Let's all do the 10 dance (number bonds to 10 song)

A useful song to help children remember the pairs of numbers that make 10, and to understand that addition can be done in any order.