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Belfast Foodbank Thanks

 Note to all parents and friends of Botanic Primary School
Please find attached a recent letter from South Belfast Foodbank – our nominated Charity for this year. As you know we support 1 Charity each year – but have continued this into  a second year with the Foodbank, largely because we couldn’t have the Charity Fundraiser we would normally undertake (around Easter 2020) due to Lockdown.
At Christmas, when you come to see the various productions that we normally put on, money is collected for our chosen Charity. Obviously at Christmas 2020 this couldn’t happen – so we asked if you would like to make donations. As you can see from the attached letter – a very generous contribution was passed on.
We recognise that in the present circumstances, there is a lot of uncertainty with employment and reduced hours etc and we know that food banks are busier than ever. The school are happy to accept any monetary donations and pass these on to the Foodbank at any stage. At the same time we recognise that many people who are in employment or seeking employment find their finances stretched. Please note that food banks are there to be helpful and if you find yourself needing some temporary help, please go along and talk to them. I know some of the people who work/volunteer at the South Belfast Foodbank and they will be delighted to help you. Please remember they are very confidential people and never will talk about the people who approach them to anyone.
Mr Bell