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Filming Video No Permission Appearance



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Dear Parent / Guardian


In a couple of weeks’ time on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 we hope to make a new video about our school. We made one of these in 2019/20 when we couldn’t have Open Days and if you want to remind yourself what this was like and the type of things involved, have a look at our website under ‘Find Us!’


It’s a great video, but we want to update it with more recent pictures of the children and to get rid of the face masks we were prudently wearing at the time the video was made.


We will involve all children at the school UNLESS you withdraw your child from filming. If you want to do this you can ring the school, contact the teacher via Seesaw or send a note. Please do this before Monday 24th April


Please remember on that day (3rd May 2023), that we need:

All children in school uniform

Parents to be aware that some of the filming may take place in Botanic Park and the surrounding area

Pupils who are asked to bring their musical instruments / sports gear etc to have it available

Parents to know the filming is taking place – especially at drop off and collection times.


More details will follow as necessary.


Yours sincerely


Mr Bell