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Irish American Partnership

Botanic Primary School were honoured to be chosen as the recipient of a grant from the “Irish American Partnership.”


Irish American Partnership 

The Irish American Partnership works to empower the next generation of Irish leaders by supporting educational initiatives and community development programs in Ireland North and South through direct grants to primary schools, science teacher training, university access scholarships, employment learning programs, and more.


Yesterday the school were visited by a number of members of the Partnership –


·         Clodagh Boyle

·         Michael T. Clune

·         Jacqueline Quinn Condron

·         Liam Connellan

·         Charles Donahue

·         Nancy Donahue

·         Natalie Metz

·         Niall Power Smith

·         Sir Bruce Robinson

·         Mary Sugrue


Mrs McHugh, Chair of Governors welcomed the Partnership and took them on a short tour of the school. P6 Pupils at the school the showcased the Shared Education Projects that they were working with alongside their friends at Holy Rosary Primary School. They talked about developing friendships and their work was applauded by members of the Partnership. Both schools were delighted to receive a donation of $5 000 to buy books and science materials for their school. We trust that this is the start of a very meaningful friendship and relationship with the Irish American Partnership.