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Our World Book Day Tale

So here is our story we wrote today. Nursery started us off and P7 wrote the ending, with contributions from each class in between!


One Spring morning Mr Bell was walking to school and he saw a rainbow up in the sky. He walked over the rainbow and found treasure at the end. The treasure was in a big brown wooden box and was gleaming bright. Horrid Henry jumped out at Mr Bell and told him he was going to pay for the treasure. Horrid Henry pushed Mr Bell into a nearby chocolate pond. He got out of the chocolate pond and suddenly he fell down a trap door and into a really big, dark chocolate dungeon! He couldn't believe who he saw as soon as he turned on his torch! It was an oompa-loompa! It was staring at Mr Bell. Mr Bell felt quite scared. Mr Bell asked the oompa-loompa how he could get out of the dungeon. The oompa-loompa said, 

'What do you get when you guzzle down sweets,

Eating as much as an elephant eats?

Now solve for me this mystery,

How to make chocolate that's sugar free

If you are wise you will listen to me!'

Mr Bell sat down on the floor of the dungeon and thought and thought hard about the puzzling riddle. He knew he wasn't supposed to eat any more chocolate. As he moped, he noticed the oompa-loompa switching the torch on and off rather annoyingly. Mr Bell was about to shout, but realised the chocolate walls were beginning to drip. 'Yes! Yes you're a genius!' Mr Bell screamed gleefully. Mr Bell saw bright golden sunlight fill the cell as the walls began to melt faster and faster.

Suddenly a thunderous noise filled the sky. Mr Bell could see Kit Kat Man in a Kit Kat helicopter. Lowering an endless piece of liquorice, Kit Kat Man yelled 'Grab-on!' The liquorice squeaked under the strain. He carried Mr Bell back to Botanic and dropped him in his office. 'The only way to have sugar free chocolate', said Kit Kat Man, 'is to have no chocolate at all!'