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Parents Workshop

Thank you to all parents who supported our workshop today! We had a good morning online and using iPads. 


Thank you to all the parents who gave us great feedback in the evaluation forms. Here are a few of the comments:


'The topics covered were very useful.'

'I found it very useful to learn what the kids do on a daily basis.'

'Congratulations to everybody. Botanic is the best school in Belfast!'

'Talking about the website and apps was most useful.'

'Sharing useful information between teachers and staff - a good occasion to meet up.'

'The library visit created real enthusiasm for reading.'

'Super to see what kids are doing in class, fun and interactive - profiled the great work kids do and how good staff are.'


The powerpoint has been uploaded to the parents 'useful links' page.


We will be in touch at the beginning of next week regarding our trip to the Titanic centre next Friday morning.


Looking forward to seeing you all then!