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World Book Day 2014

Today, we all dressed up to celebrate World Book Day. We had Harry Potters, Horrid Henrys, Wimpy Kids and even a Peter Pan and a Mary Poppins! 

We also worked on our very own Botanic PS story - written by all of our pupils from Nursery to Year 7! Mrs McVittie's class started the story off, each class then had the opportunity to add in their own bit and Mr Myerscough's class finished it off. It is fun to write a story like this - you never know what is about to happen! Here it is:


One day in Botanic Primary School, a wolf and a fairy knocked on the Mr Bell’s door. He was scared and hid under his desk. Under his desk was a deep, dark hole. Mr Bell accidently fell into the hole and landed in a magical forest. In the magical forest Mr Bell met lots of book characters. They dressed him up as the troll from Billy Goats Gruff. Mr Bell ran under the nearby bridge. He was a greedy troll so he jumped up and ate the three goats, one by one! He began to feel very sleepy…

He fell into a deep sleep. While he was sleeping the book characters dressed him up as sleeping beauty. Mr Bell woke up all of a sudden to find a huge hand on his shoulder...

It was Daddy Bear from Goldilocks and the Three Bears! Daddy Bear wanted to know if Mr Bell had seen the person who ate his porridge. Mr Bell said it wasn’t him. Daddy Bear kept asking and finally Mr Bell came clean. Daddy Bear threatened to eat him up. Suddenly, Mrs Crossey appears from nowhere and says that if Daddy Bear doesn’t leave Mr Bell alone, she will sing! She starts to sing loudly. Daddy Bear is terrified and runs away!

Mrs Crossey tells Mr Bell that he did not fall in the deep dark hole by accident but was pushed by the Demon Headmaster! The Demon Headmaster wants to take over Botanic Primary School!


Find out what happens next on World Book Day 2015!