Primary School

Delight in Effort, Acceptance and Achievement


In Nursery our current topics are “When I grow up I want to be....” and “Spring”.




We are focusing on a number of targets through these topics, under each of the of the curricular areas.  


Below are some tips on how you can continue our focus at home.


Please remember children learn through play and experience.


This is a very unique learning opportunity that should be embraced and shared.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Continue to develop your child’s independence by encouraging them to;

  • washing hands - with soap

  • putting on and taking off their jumper and coat

  • zipping their coats

  • fastening buttons

  • putting on and taking off their shoes and welly boots

  • brushing their teeth

  • buttering toast / helping to prepare a simple snack

  • using their own cutlery

  • taking care of their toys and environment

  • tidying toys up after use

Language Development


Encourage your child to;

  • initiate and participate in conversations with others

  • listen to others

  • follow instructions fully (1,2 and extend to 3 part instructions)

  • look at books, handling them with care - turning pages right to left

  • listen to a story, talk about the text and name familiar objects in the illustrations

  • sequence a story

  • retell a familiar story in their own words or using vocabulary from the text

  • when looking at illustrations ask children to identify the... / find the.... / look for something...(red, you can eat, sit on...) / find another.... / to tell you about the picture.... 

  • sing songs

  • clap out the syllables of our name, family members names and new vocabulary 

Early Mathematical Experiences


Within their environment, encourage your child to;

  • identify colours - extending to dark and light shades

  • identify basic 2D shapes - extending to abstract 2D shapes

  • sort objects

  • identify patterns

  • continue patterns (colour, shapes, objects...)

  • make their own pattern using 2 / 3 colours or objects

  • count for a purpose - touching the objects as they count

  • ’check’ their counting by counting backwards - from 5, extending to 10, 15 and 20

  • use fingers to represent a number between 0-10

  • count from different starting points

  • think about what numbers come before / after a given number

  • use mathematical language to describe weight (heavy / light), capacity (full / empty), an objects position (on top / under / in between), height (big / small, tall / short)

The World Around Us


Encourage your child to;

  • ask questions / seek out answers - support with books and internet 

  • observe and explore the natural world using their senses - what can they see / hear / smell / touch?

  • look for signs of Spring

  • plant seeds / bulbs an nurture them

  • explore job roles in their local community

  • discover how ingredients can be changed through cooking activities

  • be a weather watcher - what is the weather today?

  • think about weather appropriate clothing

  • discover the days of the week - what day is it today?

Physical Development and Movement


Encourage your child to;

  • be active - run / hop / skip / jump / dance / scoot / cycle / climb .....

  • throw / catch / roll / kick a ball

  • practice our Monkeynastix moves - sits, rolls and balances 

  • be helpful - carry objects / fold washing / put things away

  • use clothes pegs - to develop a pincer grasp required for a pencil grip

  • have busy hands - play with dough, manipulate objects, pick things up, build with construction materials

The Arts


Encourage your child to;

  • be craetive!

    • draw a picture - fantasy or observational

    • make music - can they make an instrument / keep a beat?

    • dress up

  •  sing and dance

  • make a model with play dough / junk art

  • practice using scissors safely