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Some links and resources to support home learning

Keep checking here for new links and updates!


Hello, welcome to our home learning space!


In  preparation for school closures, I will be posting tasks for P1 to complete on SeeSaw and also adding information here.  Please keep checking for new tasks and information.

It will be important to try to keep up with routines and to ensure children maintain literacy and numeracy skills.  Should you have any difficulties with tasks set, please contact me and I will do my best to help. As far as is possible I will be trying to keep up with work planned for the weeks ahead and to ensure our core curriculum content is available.  Some videos to support new learning will be posted below and also on SeeSaw.


Learning packs will be going home with pupils in addition to these online resources. It is very important that children continue to develop their pencil skills and complete some learning in paper form as well as online.


Best wishes,

Miss Bacon



In P1 we have planned to learn about subtraction, counting backwards on a number line.  We would be looking at money, identifying 1p,2p,5p and 10p coins and adding totals within 10p.  In Literacy it is important to continue with daily reading. Bug Club can be accessed with the logins which have been provided.  Click on the bug icon to complete a related activity.  Starfall phonics books and activities have also been linked on this page.  


Encouraging children to find things around the house beginning with the various letters of the alphabet and encouraging them to write sentences, labels and lists will promote writing skills and support phonic development. 


Playing games together e.g. word bingo, dominoes or I spy will continue to reinforce learning. 


Children have been learning to read o'clock and half past times on the clock. Encourage them to read the time for meal times and important times in the day.


Complete a writing activity - Can you write a sentence to tell me what you have been doing this week, remember to include, who, what and when- post this on SeeSaw for me to see.  


Our topic for this half term is Space.  Some videos and learning songs have been added to provide information about our solar system.  This information can be used to complete the Space Booklet which has been sent home. 


Have a look at Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' Picture.  Can you recreate it?  I would love to see your work - it can be posted on SeeSaw


It is important to have some time outside.  Some outdoor learning ideas have been linked to this page.