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Hello everyone


As our school has now closed, I have begun to upload the lessons we would usually be completing in class to Seesaw. This will include one Literacy and one Maths lesson per day, daily Phonics practice as well as additional suggestions for topic. Weekly spelling lists will be provided on Mondays. I will do my best to keep to our normal curriculum provision in so far as is possible. The children will be able to edit most Seesaw resources with their answers online and/or orally record their responses. Alternatively, feel free to use pencils and paper, and take a photograph to upload.


I appreciate that everyone's circumstances will be different in the times that lie ahead so please just do what you can and remember that play and relaxation are important too.


If your son/daughter experiences any difficulty with their home learning, feel free to get in touch via the Seesaw app and I'll find a way to help.


Outside of Seesaw activites, Primary 2 should aim to practise their Bug Club reading books daily and answer their online questions. Two books will be allocated each week (on Thursdays), as usual. Pupils should also spend around 15 minutes per day keeping their general numeracy skills up to speed via Sum Dog.


The Literacy and Maths home learning packs that were sent home recently will provide additional practice as well as the range of links below.


Very best wishes to you all.

Miss Gunn


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