Primary School

Delight in Effort, Acceptance and Achievement


Welcome P4 I am so glad that you are looking on this page to see what to do.

I am in daily contact with some of the class through See-Saw and am very much missing some of you!

 You will be glad to know that I have never used an I-pad so much and am getting better every day! This is a   time for us all to learn and keep busy.

Every one was given their log in codes for Seesaw and Sumdog on the 13th March and they were also put into your learning packs that you could collect from school. Many are still there. There is a phone number too.

 1 Miss Dickson and I set work every day on Seesaw and it will all be marked and sent back to you.

 2 I set new games on Sumdog every week according to your group and I can see how you are getting on and how long and many you get right. 

 3 Everybody is encouraged to keep reading as much as possible. Some children have a bug club log in and have been set books with quizzes. These are frequently added too. Novels can still be tested on acellerated reading so log in. I will be able to see how you are getting on and prizes will be awarded as usual when this all over. Enjoy as many books as you can and so will I. 

 4 There is a handwriting work book in your pack. You can do a single page every day and then copy it into your notebook. You can send me a photo of it to me on Seesaw.

 5 I included your  Mental Arithmetic books in the pack so that you could do one test a week. I also put that page up on Seesaw so that I can mark it.

 6 Paper is included for art activities so far we have made Mother's Day Cards and amazing pictures of dragons.

 7 Remember to keep your body fit too and to help your Mum and Dad as much as you can.

 8 Enjoy playing too!

Looking forward to hearing from you on Seesaw and meeting you all again soon.

Wendy Thornhill.