Primary School

Delight in Effort, Acceptance and Achievement

Year 4

Spring artwork

Spring walk in the park

We have been taking advantage of this lovely weather and have enjoyed our walk in Botanic Park. We have been watching closely how the trees have changed during this month.9

Christmas Wishes from P4

We had a lot of fun making models of Santa in his sleigh.

Our lanterns glow very effectively in the dark. We wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Happy Christmas from P4

We have enjoyed our class novel 101 Dalmatians


This week we made castles. Some are haunted and some belong to fairies.

Welcome to Primary 4!

Welcome to Primary 4.

Watch this space for all our adventures!!!

We’ve been learning all about Autumn, we went to the park to look for signs of autumn and found different types of trees! 🍁 🌳 🍂