Primary School

Delight in Effort, Acceptance and Achievement

Year 4

Welcome to Primary 4!

Welcome to Primary 4.

Watch this space for all our adventures!!!

We visited the park with Parklife and learnt lots of things about the trees and animals there. We looked closely at different trees and their seeds and leaves. Everyone was given a sycamore leave and threw it up into the air so that we could see it twirl like a helicopter. It was very exciting and interesting.


P4 enjoyed dressing up for Halloween and has great fun at the disco


This term p4 have enjoyed learning about castles. We have used the internet, reference books and lots of photographs to find out about them.As well as recording our research in our books we have especially enjoyed trying to make realistic models of them and displaying them in our classroom.

P4 wish you all a very Happy Christmas and every good wish for 2020

Shared Education

This term we have met three times with our partners from Holy Rosery School. Wehave been gettinng to know each other through playing games.

We have also been learning a lot about children in WW2. We have been discussing how we think the children might have felt about being evacuated and about the letters they might have written to their parents.

Shrove Tuesday

Today we had a lot of fun learning about how to make pancakes. Mrs Harte demonstrated for us and we helped her. Then we wrote all about it before we ate the evidence!

P3 and P4 visit from James Mayhew

On Tuesday 10th March we spent a magical hour and a half being entertained by James Mayhew a well known author and illustrator of children's books. He spoke to us about his work and showed us the first version of his first book that he wrote, about his sister, as a student and then he showed us the published version of the book. We saw his art sketch book that he practised different paintings and drawings in of foxes reminding the children that practise and hard work paid off and he gave us a copy of his book about the animal, 'Gaspard the fox'.

The children listened spellbound as he told them a story from his latest work of Russian folk tales at the same time as he illustrated the story. Then he signed a book for each child and hands it to them individually.