Primary School

Delight in Effort, Acceptance and Achievement

Year 6


During Home Learning, we did lots of work on the Amazon Rainforest. When we came back to school, we worked together to share what we had learned. 

Easter 🐣


Lyric Theatre Christmas Project


A number of members of P6 took part in a project put together by the Lyric Theatre involving 14 schools from across Northern Ireland. Here is the finished result - we are very proud of ourselves, and so is Miss Little!



Instructional Writing 


We worked together to write a set of detailed instructions for how to make a Kirigami snowflake. We were able to literally walk through our instructions. Here we are checking our instructions to see if there are any details we left out. 

Kirigami Snowflakes


We’ve been getting into the spirt of Christmas in P6 πŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈ After a few failed attempts (by Miss Little), we developed our growth mindset by trying again. And the results were worth it - our classroom and corridor looks beautiful ❄️⭐️

Winter Circus 


We really enjoyed the performance by Bob and Bob from Babcock and Bobbins. Don’t try any of this at home! 

Dojo Points Reward 


P6 have worked so hard this half term and Miss Little was delighted that they earned their Dojo Points reward before we went off for two weeks. We chose to watch The Corpse Bride and had popcorn, Skittles and Fruit Shoots as refreshments πŸΏπŸ§ƒ

Viking Swords 


We have been making Viking swords in our art lessons. We chose from three different handles - one representing courage, one representing strength and one representing wisdom. We painted our swords with metallic paint and wrote our name in runes. Finally, we wrapped wool around the handle. We think our swords look great! 




We have learned that the Viking women weaved to make clothes. We had a go at weaving ourselves.