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Year 7

Welcome to Year 7!


Welcome to a new year in Primary 7! 


Scroll down to see our photos and find out all about our learning. 



Important Class Information

  • Homework is assigned everyday (Literacy on a Monday and Wednesday, Maths on a Tuesday and Thursday). There will also be spelling, mental maths and reading homework assigned throughout the week.
  • Please ensure your child spends 30minutes on homework each evening (with some activities this might be slightly longer)
  • P7s should be reading a book that they enjoy and challenges them for 20-30 minutes every day 



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We had a brilliant morning with Bubbleball NI!

🥕 Vegpower Week 🥕


This week we have been learning all about carrots 🥕

We created paper carrots and fact files for our wonderful display board. 

In an effort to get us to eat more carrots (and change a certain member of our class’s mind about them), we invited Mrs Thompson to show us how to make her famous carrot cake 🤤

Take a look at our pictures 😃


We have started our final topic of P7: The Titanic! We went to the park and marked with chalk our estimates for the length of the Titanic. Then we measured the real length with trundle wheels. Some of our estimates were pretty close 👍


We have been using the points of the compass to help us learn about angles. We turned through acute, obtuse, right and reflex angles from different starting points on the compass. 

'Hatchet' by Gary Paulsen


We have been reading the novel 'Hatchet'. In this story Brian is lost in a forest following a plane crash. He has to learn to survive and builds a shelter then tries to build a bow and arrow. 


We tried to make our own shelters using things we found in the park and bows and arrows using sticks we gathered, wool, string and elastic bands.

Bows and Arrows

Building Mini Shelters

Winter Circus

The Human Body


We have been learning about the different systems of the body. Take a look at our inventions for a light-weight, waterproof cast. We also conducted an experiment to see what happens to food in the digestive system. 

Walking in Botanic Gardens

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We have been really enjoying our walks in Botanic Gardens every Monday and Wednesday!