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Rice Crispie Buns


In nursery we enjoy cooking.  

We melted chocolate in the microwave and added rice crispies.  

We mixed everything together and made delicious treats!

European Languages Day


Today we celebrated all the different languages in our school by having an European snack of Croissants and orange juice.

What a delicious treat!

Making Playdough


In nursery the children help to make the playdough.

We follow the visual recipe, count out the ingredients and mix in a variety of colours. 

Bubble Painting


We mixed paint, washing up liquid and water together to make this fun and exciting method of painting.  

We used straws to blow bubbles in the mixture before printing it onto paper.  

We added a face, ears, nose, eyes and legs.  

We are very proud of our 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'!

Outdoor Play


In nursery we love to play outside! 

We enjoy cycling and scooting around our track, digging in the sand pit, climbing on the climbing frame, playing in the house and balancing on the stepping stones.


Healthy Snack


Everyday in nursery we eat a healthy snack.

 We have fruit, milk and a selection of breads or yoghurts.

Snack time enables us to make choices and socialise with our peers.


Please do not think that we simply 'play'.


Play is the vehicle on which we learn. 

It takes us on an ongoing journey, allowing us to stop off, revisit and move on towards new goals.

Through play we develop physically, socially and academically.

Play enables us to explore, problem solve, predict and test theories.

Play provides us with natural opportunities to explore our world around us, discover our talents, to refine our gross and fine motor skills and to develop our early literacy and numeracy skills.

Through play we learn to negotiate and to work in groups, developing our communication and leadership skills.

We grow in confidence, independence and self esteem, all while developing a thirst for learning!

Picture 1 Small world play
Picture 2 Being creative with paint
Picture 3 Enjoy looking at books
Picture 4 Taking on different roles
Picture 5 Sorting objects
Picture 6 Developing mathematical concepts
Picture 7 Become independent in routines and making choices
Picture 8 Develop social skills
Picture 9 Develop gross motor skills
Picture 10 Observe how ingredients change through cooking
Picture 11 Explore materials using our senses

Here is a sneaky peak into nursery life!

Welcome to Nursery!


Welcome to a new year in nursery!  

We have a fun filled and exciting year ahead of us, packed full of activites, visitors and trips.

Keep checking our page for updates and photographs.

Picture 1