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W5 Trip!


The nursery children had a fantastic end of year trip to W5. 

We participated in a music workshop before playing in the discovery area and scaling the climbing area!

We had a yummy picnic lunch.

What a brilliant day!

Police Officer Visit


Ciaran and Lee visited our nursery.  

The talked to us about their new uniform that they wear when they are out on their police bicycles.  

They told us it was very important to wear a helmet when on our bicycles.

We tried on their police hats and pretended to be a police officer.

We went outside to find their Police car.  

It had writing and a badge on it.  

Lee turned on the flashing lights and the siren.  It was very loud and it made us all jump!

Thank you for a fun filled visit!

Library Trip


We walked to the library to visit Conor and look at all the library books.

We listened to a story about a forgetful lion, sang songs and explored the children's section of the library.  

We had a fantastic time!

RSPB Visit


Eleanor from the RSPB came to visit our class. 

She talked to us about all the changes that happen in a garden throughout the year.  

We talked about the seasons, the creatures and birdsthat live in the garden.  

Eleanor brought some singing birds with her.  We listened to their songs and talked about the colours of their feathers.

We invited Eleanor outside into our garden to help us put out some pastry worms for the birds.  We made these worms using flour and lard.  They will help the birds feed their chicks in their nests.  

While we were in our garden we seen a robin red breast sitting on the fence, some swallows flying in the sky and a seagull sitting on the roof!



Library Visit


Conor from the library visited Nursery and Year 1 today.

We sang songs together before he read us stories, some had sound effects!  

We will be visiting Conor in his library soon.

We are really looking forward to it!

Library Visit

Dentist Visit


Norma the dentist visited our class today.  

She talked to us about why it was important to brush your teeth and to visit the dentist twice a year for a check up.

Norma read us a story about Tom the Tiger who was always in a rush and too busy to brush his teeth.  He ate lots of sweets and one day he got a very bad toothache.  After a trip to the dentist Tom's tooth ache had gone and his friends taught him how to brush his teeth properly.

Norma also brought her friend Monkey with her.  Monkey taught us how to brush our teeth properly - start at the top and brush across, jump to the bottom and brush across.  

We practiced brushing Monkey's teeth with a big tooth brush!

Egg hunt with P4 Reading Partners


We went on an egg hunt in our playground and garden with our reading partners.  We had lots of fun! 

Go Green for ECO!

Go Green for ECO! 1
Go Green for ECO! 2
Go Green for ECO! 3

Dogs Trust Visit


Cathy and the adorable Giles from Dogs Trust visited our class.

Cathy talked to us about all her work with dogs that need a new forever home and taught us how to look after a dog.

Giles performed his favourite tricks for us before giving us all a cuddle!

We bought the dogs at Dogs Trust some food and toys to enjoy.

Thank you very much for visiting us!






Spring Walk


We enjoyed a lovely Spring walk through Botanic Gardens.  

We searched for signs of Spring and recorded them on our clipboards.  

We walked past the river to see if we could find some frog spawn, as we are learning about the life cycle of a frog.  

We hope to enjoy another walk after the Easter holidays.

Mother's Day Tea Party


We hosted a Tea Party for our Mummy's.  

We made lots of lovely treats for them to eat.  

We made a card and a handmade key ring to give as a gift.  

We also grew a flower which we planted and a bulb and nurtured with love and care.



Every Thursday we take part in Monkeynastix.

We have lots of fun each week using different equipment.

We are building strong muscles and developing our coordination and balance.

Streamvale Farm Spring Roadshow

Farmer Judith came to visit our class today.  

With her she brought a lamb, four chicks and two bunny rabbits.  Judith talked to us about the signs of Spring and about all the names of the baby animals at the farm.  

She told us a story about a little hen and we sang action songs about the Spring time.  

We watched as Snowdrop the lamb drank her bottle of milk and we gently touched the chicks and the bunny rabbits. 



On Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes.

We mixed flour, eggs, sugar and milk together with a super fast electric whisk. 

We watched as they cooked on the very hot pan.

As we waited for our pancakes to cook we had a try at pancake flipping, using a pancake and a was tricky!

When our pancakes were cooked we decided what topping we would like to try before feasting on them!


Gruffalo Trip

Colin Glen Forest Park


We spent a lovely day crisp Spring day at Colin Geln Forest Park searching for the Grufalo.

After a picnic snack, we listened to the story of the Gruffalo.  

Then we walked through the deep dark woods and found a mouse, a snake, a frog and a fox.  Along the trail we discovered Grufalo foot prints and trees that the Gruffalo had pushed over as he was playing!  

At the end of the trail we found the Gruffalo! He had terrible tusks and terrible teeth, orange eyes, turned out toes and purple prickles on his back!  

We had a picnic lunch before getting back onto the bus.

What a fun filled and exciting day!

Making Footprints


After reading the story of the Gruffalo's Child the children we curious about what their foot prints looked we decided to paint them!

PTA Dancathon 


Nursery participated in the PTA Dancathon to help raise funds for our PTA.

Here we are dancing to upbeat nursery rhymes and having lots of fun!

Valentine's Day Crafts


Toni's mummy made 'love monsters' and Valentine's  Day cards with all the nursery children.

Thank you very much for giving up your time, everyone really enjoyed it!

Valentine's Day Crafts

We Found a Bug!


While we were planting for the Spring time we found a bug! 

We decided that they could not live inside our classroom, as bugs make their homes outside.

We took our bug outside into the garden and found it a new home.

We decided that the bug needed soil to dig in, twigs to climb and leaves to eat.

When we go outside we like to check on our bug and see if they have made new friends.

We found a bug!

Planting for the Spring Time


The story of Jack and the Beanstalk inspired us plant some blubs and sow some seeds in colourful pots to brighten up our playground and classroom.  

We are taking care of them by watering them and insuring they get lots of sunlight.

We are watching carefully for the first Spring shoots to appear!

Junk Art Castle


We asked our parents to collect some 'junk' for our creative area.  

We looked in our junk art box at what we had collected and thought about the stories we had read.  

We decided to build our very our castle! 

We used masking tape to hold all the pieces of junk together.

We used paper mache (glue and water) to cover the junk materials. 

We mixed black and white paint together to make grey paint.  

We sponge painted the castle using our grey paint.

Enchanted Evening

The children and their parents were invited to a very special night in the nursery. 

The Playroom was transformed into a magical land and decorated with fairy lights. 

We had a special snack of fairy cakes and treats, prepared by the children. 

The children dressed up in their fancy dress clothes and proudly showed their parents how to play!




Enchanted Day

We extended our enchanted evening into the following school day. 

All the children had great fun dressing up and enjoying an extra special snack.

Reading Partners


Today we met our P4 reading partners for the first time.

We had lots of fun, looking at books, chatting and getting to know each other.


We are looking forward to meeting with you each Friday in the school library.

End of term party! Have a fantastic break!

End of term party!         Have a fantastic break! 1
End of term party!         Have a fantastic break! 2
End of term party!         Have a fantastic break! 3
End of term party!         Have a fantastic break! 4
End of term party!         Have a fantastic break! 5


The boys and girls in nursery are always very good and try their best.  Perhaps that is why Santa came to visit them in his very own Grotto!


Christmas Library Visit

19th December


Colin from the library came to visit us wearing a Santa hat and funny glasses!

He read us stories about Santa, snowmen and elves.

We sang Jingle Bells and wished him a Merry Christmas.

We are looking forward to your next visit!

Christmas Library Visit

Christmas Library Visit 1
Christmas Library Visit 2
Christmas Library Visit 3

Ellie the Elf!


Ellie the Elf took a break from working in Santa's workshop to come to nursery and tell us a story all about recycling. 

Captain Clean Up saved the day and cleared a path for Santa's sleigh to land!


Belfast City Council Recycling ELF!

Belfast City Council Recycling ELF! 1
Belfast City Council Recycling ELF! 2
Belfast City Council Recycling ELF! 3

Whoops-A-Daisy Angel

14th December 


The nursery performed their nativity play in front of their parents and special people.

They did a fantastic job!


You all looked wonderful and sang brilliantly!

All your teachers are very proud!


Outdoor Fun!


In Nursery we throughly enjoy outdoor play and the freedom, challenges and new learning opportunities it brings. 


Please remember your coat, hat and scarf!

Making Playdough 


In nursery we delight in taking care of our environment.  

Each week the children help to make the playdough, selecting its colour and any additional ingredients to give it a tantalising smell or different texture.



Making Playdough

Making Playdough 1
Making Playdough 2
Making Playdough 3
Making Playdough 4

Please do not think that because we simply 'play'.


Play is the vehicle on which we learn. 

It takes us on an ongoing journey, allowing us to stop off, revisit and move on towards new goals.

Through play we develop physically, socially and academically.

Play enables us to explore, problem solve, predict and test theories.

Play provides us with natural opportunities to explore our world around us, discover our talents, to refine our gross and fine motor skills and to develop our early literacy and numeracy skills.

Through play we learn to negotiate and to work in groups, developing our communication and leadership skills.

We grow in confidence, independence and self esteem, all while developing a thirst for learning!

Not just 'play'....

Not just 'play'.... 1 Rehearsing bedtime routines
Not just 'play'.... 2 Discovering forest animals
Not just 'play'.... 3 Developing fine motor skills
Not just 'play'.... 4 Playing alongside others
Not just 'play'.... 5 Developing gross motor movements
Not just 'play'.... 6 Being creative with a range of materials
Not just 'play'.... 7 Discovering 2D shapes
Not just 'play'.... 8 Refining colour recognition
Not just 'play'.... 9 Discovering pattern

Anti-Bullying Week


As part of anti-bullying week the nursery decorated ties.

Through circle time activities we talked about how to be a good friend and praised our peers for being a good friend to us.

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week 1
Anti-Bullying Week 2
Anti-Bullying Week 3

Police Officer Visit

10th November


Today we met two Police Officer's who visited our nursery.  

They talked to us about all the different jobs they have to do in the community and showed us their uniform.  

We tried on a Police hat and even tried on their handcuffs!


We are really looking forward to your next visit - thank you!


Ormeau Road Libray Visit


Colin from the library visited our class.  

He talked to us about the library and how to take care of books.

He read us lots of stories!

PTA Halloween Fancy Dress Disco

Streamvale Farm

Harvest Road Show


A farmer from Streamvale Farm came to visit our class with some animals.

She talked to us about all the jobs a farmer has to do to get ready for Harvest.

We sang songs, listened to stories and gently touched the animals.

Welcome to Nursery!


Welcome to a new year in nursery!  

We have a fun filled and exciting year ahead of us, packed full of activites, visitors and trips.

Keep checking our page for updates and photographs.

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