Primary School

Delight in Effort, Acceptance and Achievement


Spring Walk!

We enjoyed a walk around Botanic Gardens looking for signs of Spring.  We spotted lots of shoots, crocus and snow drops.  We heard lots of different bird calls and even discovered a birds nest in a tree! Our visit was completed with a visit from a cheeky grey squirrel and a friendly robin red breast.


Feeding the birds!  

As part of our topic of ‘Winter’ we made bird feeders to ensure the birds had a food source during the cold weather.



Keeping fit at our sponsored PTA event ‘Fitness Freddy’!

Sorting with Smarties!

We had lots of fun using a Venn diagram to sort our Smarties…especially when we ate them afterwards! 😋


We made hot chocolate!


We arrived at school on a cold winters day and decided it would be a lovely treat to make hot chocolate to drink at snack time. 

We followed instructions and identified ordinal numbers. 

After snack we tested our memories and sequenced the instructions before identifying the 'bossy verbs' and discussing why instructions need to be 'short and sharp'. 

We decided to write our own instructions for making hot chocolate, which include ordinal number and 'bossy verbs'.  What a busy day in P2! 

Making vegetable soup!
We explored harvest vegetables and discussed how to write a shopping list.  We wrote our own shopping list.  
Miss Murray went to the shops and bought some vegetables. 
We chopped the vegetables to make soup and we printed with them!


We are exploring the signs of Autumn and discussing how animals get ready for their winter hibernation.

Miss Murray discovered a hedgehog in her garden.  

We looked at the photographs she took of it and used our fantastic descriptive language to describe how it might feel.

We used clay and wooden sticks to make our own prickly hedgehog models.