Primary School

Delight in Effort, Acceptance and Achievement

Trips and Visitors

 🧩 Play Centre Visit 🎲


We had a busy morning at the play centre creating our own board games to take home - what a fantastic idea!
P2 worked very hard designing their games and decorating them before carrying them proudly back to school! 

🧸 Toy Nanny🪆


We had a visit from the Mount Stewart Toy Nanny.  
She talked to us about toys from the past.  

We discovered what materials they were made from and how they were used - some of us were shocked to discover there were “No batteries in the old days!”.




  🧸 Teddy Bear Hospital 🏥 


A doctor from the Teddy Bear Hospital came to visit us and talk to us all about staying healthy.
P2 amazed her with their knowledge of the human body and their tips on how to stay fit and healthy.


🎃 Pumpkin Painting! 🎨


We had a fun morning at the play centre painting pumpkins!
Look how creative we are!


 💰Treasure Challenge at the Play Centre! 🏴‍☠️


We had an exciting morning at the play centre!

We completed a series of challenges to unlock the activity treasure chest.  

Our team work was rewarded with treasure bags.

We designed the bags using special fabric crayons.