Primary School

Delight in Effort, Acceptance and Achievement


Welcome to Nursery  


We are so happy that you have chosen our Nursery School for your child to start their education, please keep an eye on this page to be updated with the latest news and pictures of what the class have been busy learning about. 


Some key information:

  • School fund is £3 a week and is paid every Monday, this covers the cost of snack, items for cooking, making play dough, school trips & new learning resources.
  • Dinners cost £2.50 per day or £12.50 per week.
  • Artwork gets sent home every Friday in purple art bags which are returned on a Monday morning.
  • We are so lucky to have a garden, we ask that all children have welly boots as the grass can be wet and mucky.
  • Please also ensure your child has a spare change of clothes, learning in Nursery can get very messy.


We are really enjoying our Monkeynastix sessions, it is really helping us to develop our Gross Motor Skills and independence as we use the different equipment.

We decorated pancakes to celebrate Pancake Tuesday, using blueberries, bananas, lemon, sugar and chocolate spread made a yummy snack!

Our February topic is ‘Celebrations’, the class have had lots of fun making birthday cards, invitations, decorations and Valentines cards. We have had lots of excitement as the children have engaged in play, making ice cream with play dough, having a party in our home corner, painting cakes and hearts at the art easel. 

We made our own bird feeders in the mud kitchen using oranges and bird feed and hung them on trees in our garden. We also planted beans and have loved watching them grow into tall bean stalks!

Chinese New Year!

We had lots of fun looking at Chinese numbers and looked through our book about Chinese New Year. We used muddy water and paint brushes to mark make our own numbers and then hung them up on the line to dry. 

Hot Chocolate Cafe 


We learn outdoors every day, we have loved the new hot chocolate cafe. Children have taken on different roles of being the cafe owner, baker and customers! They have loved using natural resources, cupcakes and other treats to support their play.

Elsa froze our classroom! We were very surprised to see the elf, penguins and seals frozen in the water tray. The class enjoyed using hammers to free the animals and the elf, they worked independently and together to finally free her! We had lots of fun exploring the snowy play areas, mark making numbers in the glittery snow, developing language in the small world and creating a cosy den in the construction area.

We were visit by Belfast City Council who brought along Mr Rat and took us on his trail teaching us all about recycling and the importance of taking old materials and making them into new ones. 

Spooky season has started, we have enjoyed dressing up for our PTA event and have taken part in lots of activities to do with Halloween and Autumn. We have made our own fire work pictures by blowing through straws to make our paint splat, we have looked at leaves falling outside and made our own, we even cut pumpkins open and explored what was inside! We are learning to ask questions to extend our learning.

Christmas Season has arrived in nursery! We had a special visit from Ellie the Litter Elf who taught us about the importance of not littering. We listened very well to the story she had to tell us. We have also enjoyed our new toy work shop where we have been writing and decorating cards, decorating wrapping paper and wrapping presents.

We enjoyed eating croissants to celebrate European Day of Languages 🥐

A librarian from Ormeau Library came into our class to read us a story. We listened really well and enjoyed hearing lots of fun stories and loved getting stickers and a craft. Reading helps us to develop our concentration and language skills.

The class have already been very busy, we are starting to introduce the topic 'Amazing Me', they have been talking about important people in their lives and are starting to make new friends as they're learning through play. They have been learning new routines such as snack and are developing independence in getting their own snack and putting it away.