Primary School

Delight in Effort, Acceptance and Achievement


Welcome to Primary 1!


It is an exciting time as we welcome our new P1 children. In Primary 1, we aim to develop confident and happy children who love to learn through play and practical based experiences.


We look forward to sharing our news with you about all the fantastic things that happen in our Primary 1 class. Keep checking our page to see updates of our super work!


Miss Irvine

Important information:


  • Snack costs £2.50 per week and school dinners cost £2.60 per day. Money wallets should be returned to school each Monday. 
  • Our P.E. days are Tuesdays and Thursdays - children should wear suitable shoes to school or have a change of footwear on these days. 
  • Children should bring a change of clothes to remain in school.
  • Homework will be assigned on a Monday and should be completed and returned by Thursday.  
  • When reading is assigned, please hear your child read every day.
  • Rainbow words should be practised every day. They are reviewed at the end of each week. 

P1 stepped into the magical land of Fairytales. We read many fairy and traditional tales where everyone lives ‘happily ever after’. We read stories about princes and princesses, wolves and pigs, trolls and goats, bears, beanstalks and gingerbread men. 

We enjoy moving our bodies and practising our gymnastics skills.

We are having lots of festive fun in P1🎅🎄

P1 visited Botanic Play Centre where we made some lovely treats.

We are working hard on blending our sounds and reading our rainbow words.

We love playing outside!

Primary 1 have been learning about our senses. We teste our sense of taste and tried different foods. We had to decide if they were sweet, sour or savoury. Lemon was our least favourite thing to try!

Primary 1 have been enjoying some Autumn-themed activities.

We wanted to find out about the different eye colours in our class. We found that the most common eye colour was brown and the least common eye colour was green.

We can sort by colour!

Primary 1 enjoy visiting the school library every week.

We can make patterns!

We mixed two primary colours to see what colour they make.

We have had a busy few days meeting our new friends.

Meet Primary 1!